That's the name, "Undefined". Walnut, aluminum. So called because it's purpose is not determined. It's a three drawer casegood that can be used as a dresser, cocktail table, end table, or whatever.

you aint shit

The "You Aint Shit" series. Charcoal on paper, 5 panels. Explores the anonymity of the adolescent black male.

condo remodel

Images of a condo remodel in progress.  A "bonus" room is being added to a one-bedroom unit to give it the flexibility of a small second bedroom, an office, or.....whatever.  The design brief calls for privacy, openness when desired, and maximum transmittal of natural light.  Plexiglass "windows" and "doors" are to be added.  The movable "wall" is clad in drywall and will have a plexiglass window in the space above similar to the one that is slightly visible on the left side of the room.  The bed is custom as well.


 Before and "not quite" after images of an old dresser being refurbished.

new piece

A piece I've been working on. Charcoal on scrap wood. Drawing on wood is really experimental for me. But I see it as a natural progression from building furniture. Sort of bridging the gap between fine and functional art forms.